Welcome to Abalone LLC, A California Limited Liability Company, distributors for Face related line of products.

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Our contact information

By email: info@AbaloneLLC.com
By mail:
Abalone LLC
190 Arbor Lane
Moss Beach CA 94038

We have switched from phone support to support via screen-sharing on Skype. Please e-mail us to set up Skype tech support at info@abalonellc.com .


Shipping Information:

Unless otherwise noted our products are downloadable. - Shipping of boxed software also available per request. We ship our product via priority USPS mail. Allow 3-4 business days for physical deliver within the US and 6-8 business days internationally. US shipping: add $4.60, International add $10.40.

Refund, Returns and Cancellation Policies:

We offer 30 day refund for defective CDs. If you purchased a physical product (CD), please mail product back to Abalone LLC 190 Arbor Lane Moss Beach CA 94038 A check will be mailed to you representing the amount you paid minus shipping costs.

Tech Support: via e-mail to :info@AbaloneLLC.com