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NEW Face2Face 2.0 with iPad Launches, April. 2013
New version now shows crystal meth, opiates and alcohol simulation – As the name suggests, the product comes pre-installed on Apple’s iPad3 (iPad2 is also available).

Sheriff Magazine Review in the May/June 2012 issue
Announcing the shipping of a new product for the iPad, Face2Face iPad

NEW Face2Face with iPad Launches, First Customers - April. 2012
Abalone LLC, a California Company specializing in face-related software development and distribution announced the launch of a new version of its Face2Face drug educational program – Face2Face with iPad. As the name suggests, the product comes pre-installed on Apple’s iPad3 (iPad2 is also available).

Sheriff goes Face2Face with Clinton students, Worcester, MA - Dec. 2011
CLINTON — Worcester County Sheriff Lewis Evangelidis introduced the Drug Prevention Program Face2Face to eighth-grade students at Clinton Middle School last week as part of the Sheriff’s Substance Abuse Prevention and Education Initiative for Worcester County Schools.

F2F in the May '11 School Safety Journal

Bradford Health Article, Jan.29.11 Perhaps one of the most effective tools in the Meth Wars has been the startling visual of a meth addict’s physical appearance before and after their addiction. You can find numerous heartbreaking photos on the internet of individuals who once looked healthy and full of possibility and now look far older than their years, often with marks from obsessive skin-picking and disintegrated or missing teeth, commonly referred to as “meth mouth.” In 2009, Mobile County Sheriff Sam Cochran ‘s department was one of twelve law enforcement agencies to begin using the Face2Face software program to demonstrate to teenagers how their physical appearance would transform over the course of a meth addiction from six months to three years.

USDOJ's COPS F2F Article, Jan.15.11 Article in COPS (Community Oriented Policy Services, a newsletter of the US Department of Justice that promotes community policing and offers grants to various organizations.

FaceShop 6EZ Ships Dec.6.10 Easiest Faceshop Ever! FaceShop 6EZ is a full-fledged facegenerator with many tools and features not found in other applications.

New User: Drug-Free America Nov.14.10

Washoe tribe orders Face2Face Oct.12'10

Oct. 10, 2010. Washoe tribe became the second Native American tribe to use Face2Face.
“The Washoe are an ancient people with ties to the California and Great Basin cultures. We lived in a rich environment and broad landscape from well-watered mountain forests and alpine meadows to Pinion-juniper woodlands with Lake Tahoe as the center of Washo culture; the Washoe and the land are inseparable.” Richard Varner, Chief of Police of Washoe Tribe ordered Face2Face system to integrate it into the ongoing drug educational activities of the tribe. Washoe tribe orders Face2Face Oct.12'10

October 1, 2010 New Face2Face Now Features "Meth Mouth" Face2Face V2 Shipping Sep.30

June 3, 2010 Johnson County Uses Face2Face
"Sheriff Glenn Boyer believes appealing to the vanity of kids will help prevent them from using meth. A computer program called Face2Face takes a picture of ..."
Johnson Co. News, June 3,'10

May 6, 2010 Safe Street Campaign Acquires Face2Face,
"Safe Street Campaign, a Tacoma, WA based organization added two Face2Face systems to fight crustal meth problems in the Western Washington State. "
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March 30, 2010 National Guard Gets Face2Face. Certificates Awarded

"New Jersey National Guard added Face2Face to its arsenal of weapons in its DDR (Drug Demand Reduction) work. The Drug Demand Reduction Program’s mission is to use the National Guard’s resources to help create the best opportunity for America’s youth to make the decision to be drug-free."
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Jan 24, 2010 DEA Resources Lists Face2Face

"A California sheriff is using image-altering software to show teens what they would look like after using methamphetamine. He is hoping that personalizing the effects of meth will get teens to stay away from the highly addictive drug." DEA Resources

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Jan 24, 2010 NPR "So we don't know what does work, but I can tell you that the software is having more of a positive effect than anything that I've ever been involved with on the drug fight." Sheriff Tom Allman, Mendocino County

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Face2Face gets Page 1 story in Mobile Register

October 24, 2009 Mobile Register. "This is the best thing I've ever seen to support the preventative side of our anti-methamphetamine initiative" Sheriff Sam Cochran, Mobile County

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US Air Force, DEA deploys Face2Face

August 24, 2009 Moss Beach, California

The US Air Force acquired a copy of Face2Face to use it with its own drug educational program. Paul Howell, Demand Reduction Program Manager at the Okinawa AFB in Japan will conduct classes for both USAF personnel and families. DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) has long expressed strong interest in the Face2Face program. The agency has close to two dozen regional offices in the US that conduct Demand Reduction classes. Diana Apodaca of the EL Paso Field division will be trained to use Face2Face as part of her Demand Reduction activities. Full Article

Santa Cruz County, Mobile County acquire Face2Face

August 24, 2009 Moss Beach, California

Santa Cruz County joined the rank of Face2Face users. Kymberly Lacrosse, Community Organizer of the United Way of Santa Cruz County (1220 41st Avenue Suite C Capitola, CA 95010) and 4 other volunteers were trained last week to operate Face2Face in schools, county fairs and other community events. Mobil County’s Sheriff Office also purchased Face2Face to use with the county’s prevention program. Lt. Frank Cassady will be the primary educator using the system. The Mobile County Sheriff's Office is the second largest Sheriff’s Office in the state, providing law enforcement services to 400,000 citizens of Mobile County who live within 1,200 square miles. Full Article

Photoshop User Magazine - July/August 2009

Ukiah Daily Journal - Apr. 7, 2009

Sheriff's Office and Bay Area software company create "Face 2 Face" By ZACK CINEK Updated: 04/07/2009 07:01:45 AM PDT

Mendocino County Sheriff's Office and a Bay Area software company have partnered to debut a computer program that can show you what you would look like as a methamphetamine addict.

Sheriff Tom Allman and Laslo Vespremi , CEO of Abalone LLC, have worked to make "Face 2 Face" a tool that has already been seeing action at area schools this year. Full article

SIGGRAPH 08/August 2008

SIGGRAPH Video with Pixelhead network


DAZ/August 2007 FaceShop Look-alike Contest Winners

See winners of the DAZ "Celebrity Look-alike Contest"

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RENDEROSITY/August 2007 By Dee-Marie

FaceShop™ is an innovative software program that converts a 2D image into a 3D "Poser friendly" face and head. The program not only recreates face morphs, it also creates an identical texture of the copied face. FaceShop comes in two version: Basic, and Professional.

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Over all, I found this standalone product very useful, and quite easy to get started. FaceShop Pro maps a face from a single photo onto a selected character model’s head that one would export from Poser sans eyes, as a morph target. Read more:

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Visit a delightful FaceShop classrom of Dr. Geep Poser University! Step-by-step lessons on FaceShop!

Visit the University

MICROFILM MAKER MAGAZINE FaceShop Review, August 2007

Obviously, there are some improvements I would like to see in the future, but this is still a good value and gives you a decent starting place for creating a photorealistic versions of your actors. It’s cost is $79.99.

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"I just want to compliment the software author of Faceshop Pro. I just bought this program from Daz3D and can tell you I have been looking for something like this for over ten years now.

Our shop has tried everything from extremely expensive programs (like Facestation) to a ton of 3D Max plugins (all of which cost two and three times what Faceshop Pro does) and never found anything that does such a great job. It's solved our head creation problems for 3D animation (using Max 9) once and for all and you should be extremely proud of the work you've done.

Most of the tools I've used required the front and profile images but even they didn't work nearly as well as what you do with only one image (and it doesn't even have to be all that great a shot -- even a 3/4 profile works very well). We've been able to make some *amazing* head models from web images and a little touch up in Max and Photoshop," things we couldn't have even dreamed of trying before.

I'm going to try and get the word out to the animation community because I don't know anyone who wouldn't benefit from this product. Please continue the development -- although it's already nearly perfect I'd love to see you add more features (and would be willing to pay upgrade costs as you should be paid for your excellent work). Thanks again so much for the best software tool (and I've seen them all :>) to come along in a decade.

Mike Kelley Former President Village Video"

Wow. I have been a fan of face gen programs for a long time, this one has hit the target so hard, My own face has split and unmentionable things have happen to it. lol.

I'm freaking with laughter and amazement. I'm using the demo version. I hope to get the program full version soon.”

Zyron (DAZ forum) ...................................................

Gotta admit, I cussed a few times too my first time using FaceShop Pro. But with advice from all the helpful folks who did get it working -- see the relevant threads over @ Daz -- I soon figured out what I was doing wrong and got results. Some terrific, others very good, and a few I'd like to forget (those were my fault). Practice, practice, practice -- there is no "Make Art" button! Now I can honestly say I'm glad I bought such a useful little tool …

Byrdie (Renderosity forum) .....................................................

So, judgement call here. This DOES appear to be a reasonably-priced solution for getting something along the lines of the Face Room for DAZ|Studio. Yes, there is a bit of tweaking and fiddling with textures and such, and you'll probably want to tweak the V4 morph dials here and there to adjust the morph as you see fit ... but you have to do that with the Poser Face Room as well.

So, I've reported good news for D|S users:-)

Deecey (DAZ forum)

Renderosity/November 2007 FaceShop Photoshop Plug-in - user comment

Dear Laslo thx for the terrific service and INCREDIBLE product - I will inform all my friends in 3D to order this.

Anil CS Rao ......................................................